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Beekeeping Knowledge Quizzes

Stay sharp! - Once you are up to speed with the basic beekeeping info from this site or from other sources, you might like to test your knowledge! There are quizzes for each different section on the website, with questions covering all the important learning points. It's a good way to learn, and an easy way to confirm your knowledge. You can try them at your own pace as many times as you like aiming to eventually manage 100% scores!

The Quizzes

Quiz 1 Health and Safety - this is the most important aspect of your beekeeping and it will pay you well to be on top of this subject. There are 12 questions on what you need to know, and what is best practice.

Quiz 2 The Basics - this is a test of your basic knowledge of honeybees, the castes and their functions, their life cycles, the colony structure, where they live, and what they eat, and how to learn beekeeping. 15 questions this time!

Quiz 3 Bee Hives - There are many types of bee hives in use today, this tests your knowledge of what the main hive components are and how they function, what the internal components are, and what bee products are found inside and how they are used. 12 questions on this section.

Quiz 4 The Colony - a colony is the term we use for a complete functioning family of honeybees. This tests you knowledge of what makes up a colony, its structure, how it functions, how they maintain fecundity and how they proliferate. 12 questions on this section.

Quiz 5 Forage - another important factor in keeping healthy colonies. This will test your knowledge on the need for good forage, the seasonal differences, how the seasonal variations effect the colony, what to do when there is no forage. 12 questions for this section.

Quiz 6 Bee Diseases - the least favourite beekeepers subject! Can you recognise healthy colonies, how to recognise problems and identify the cause, know how to treat for ailments and pests, whats best practice for hive inspections and maintaining apiary hygiene? 12 questions on diseases.

Quiz 7 Seasonal Management - a lot to know here, different seasons require different management. Can you remember the differences, how they effect the colony, what to do and when, what to be on guard for? 10 different quizzes in 1, this is a big quiz!

Quiz 8 Equipment - an aspect of beekeeping that cannot be overlooked. Do you know what equipment is required, how to use it safely, how to maintain it in good order, things to avoid?

Quiz 9 Bee Species - a quiz to test your knowledge of the range of bee species we encounter in the UK, where they fit in nature, the difference between solitary and social species, how the honeybee fits in, and the imposters.

Quiz 10 Wasp Species - very closely related to our honeybees, do you know how do they fit in nature, the range of types and their differences, how they interact with honeybees, what's an alien species, and who are the imposters?

Quiz 11 Bee Anatomy - a lot of information to know here, this is a timed test of your knowledge of the anatomy and associated complex behaviours of our honeybee. 20 questions this time, and 5 minutes to do it!

Quiz 12 General Knowledge - a group of 5 quizzes to test your general beekeeping knowledge, covering management; biology; climate; and forage topics. Multi-choice and gap fill quizzes, 6, 7, 12, 13, and 6 questions.